Sales Administrator

PT Altrovis Tekno Global - Jakarta



  • Familiar with Government Procurement System, and documentation process and lifecycle.
  • Good English writing skill.
  • Advance knowledge on MS Office Suite.
  • Willing to work overtime on certain occasion.
Intrapersonal skills:
o Responsible and discipline

o Team oriented

o Able to work independently to tight deadlines across multiple bids simultaneously

o Excellent communication skills, a great eye for detail and an organized, analytical approach

o Critical thinking

o Results driven

o Active learner

o Good planning and organizing skills

Tanggung Jawab

  • Actively manage all the formal tenders and major proposals, ensuring the timely submission of winning bids.
  • Working with intemal teams to obtain an in-depth understanding of the services and the documentation requirements.
  • Engage with all parts of Altrovis and the wider Altrovis Group, including Sales, Production Team, Finance Team, Regulatory and other areas as necessary for the completion of bids and proposals.
  • Review and proofread documentation produced by team members.
  • Manage administration on meeting minutes and documentation for all opportunities.
  • Actively manage Sales Team report, Sales Pipeline and Clients repository.
  • Manage Project Contracts and documentation for finished projects.
  • Contribute in Sales Team success by actively providing administration and information needed by team members.
Candidate will demonstrate an excellent MS Word and MS Excel skills, ability to follow instructions within short amount of time, proofread skills, and ability to gather and summarize information.

Disclaimer: melamar pekerjaan di tidak dipungut biaya
Perhatian - Dalam proses rekrutmen, perusahaan yang sah tidak pernah menarik biaya dari kandidat. Jika ada perusahaan yang menarik biaya wawancara, tes, reservasi tiket, dsb lebih baik dihindari karena ada indikasi penipuan. Jika Anda melihat sesuatu yang mencurigakan, silakan hubungi kami: [email protected]